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{inspired by} anthropologie

welcome to the first video in my {inspired by} series! i get so much fashion inspiration from the world at large and i wanted to share a little bit about my process of drawing ideas from various sources... whether they be fashion houses, architecture, nature, travel, celebrity, television, movies, books, magazines... and the list goes on. i hope you will enjoy the series and share with me where you get your fashion inspiration!

(photo credit: the boy)

a really easy and accessible place to get inspiration is from a catelog of a store that you love. i'm currently on anthropologie's snail mail list and when each new catelog arrives, i invariably curl up to read it with a hot cuppa tea and a few pieces of chocolate.

i flip through each anthropologie catelog at least 5 or 6 times. first, i flip through casually for some general eye candy. then, i look for the major themes that speak to me. then, i take a closer look at individual pieces - including accessories - that interest me. then i pick my favourite looks and try to determine what attracted me to them. if there is a piece that reminds me of something i have in my wardrobe, i look at the pairings in the catelog and think about how i would pair the item differently. then i go back to my favourite scenes to look at lighting and styling as anthropologie always showcase great photographs and fun props.

last friday, i received the most recent anthropologie catelog and i was so inspired that i dug out items from my closet and worked on some very experimental pairings that pushed me out of my comfort zone. so i take no responsibility if you wear these looks in the street and get pointed at or laughed at by strangers. i stayed up late on friday night to create these looks so my mind was not all there. i recorded the episode on saturday and would you believe i actually toned down the looks somewhat. i'm not kidding.

(music credit: sound jay)

from the current anthropologie catelog (eleven 2011), the following themes struck me:

1) the mixing of textiles, textures, patterns, and colours - particularly the use of international inspired pieces, which reminded me of textiles found in central america and south america.

2) textiles as jewellery - particularly the use of infinity scarves as beautiful, bold, and chunky necklaces.

3) beautiful knits and sweaters - it is the fall/winter season so it is no surprise that knits and sweaters are very prevalent in this catelog.

4) coloured tights* - the catelog uses opaque tights to achieve many looks - in colours like grey, burgundy, forest green, bright red, and, my personal favourite, mustard yellow.

*note: i had planned to use coloured tights in this episode but after recording some footage on saturday, i decided to create a separate video dedicated to coloured tights. so i recorded another episode on sunday and will be posting it early next week. :)

i came up with three looks based on four different pages of the anthropologie catelog. these looks are, for the most part, very loosely inspired. please don't point or laugh. ok, you can if you want.

// look #1 //

(source: anthropologie catelog)

(photo credit: the boy)

(photo credit: the boy)

blazer - american eagle - purchased at marshalls
top - mimi chica - purchased at winners
pants - gap - purchased at goodwill
shoes - kenneth cole reaction
oversized clutch - zara

// look #2 //

(source: anthropologie catelog)

hehe, i tried to pose like the model here! i'm such a dork!

(photo credit: the boy)

purple tank top - h&m
cardigan - ginger - purchased at winners
infinity scarf - pacsun
skirt - me!
shoes - rocket dog

// look #3 //

(source: anthropologie catelog)

(photo credit: the boy)

(photo credit: the boy)

sweater - bp for b altmanelo - purchased at goodwill
skirt / dress - ports international - purchased at goodwill
booties - wal-mart

i hope you enjoyed the looks! if you have any feedback or suggestions, please leave me a comment. :)

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