Sunday, November 3, 2019

What I Bought This Week #44

Happy Fall Back Weekend!!

This is one of my favourite weekends of the year. I feel like I have so much time and I can get so much done.

In terms of things I brought into my home this week, the highlight was definitely the little welcome gift from my new boss -- a sweet set of pencils. YES!! Perhaps I'm in the minority, but I still love using old school pencils that have to be manually sharpened. I certainly was the only one who still used those at my previous full-time job, but it seems as though my new part-time job has a soft spot for all things nostalgic and retro, which is so lovely for me. All that to say, WHEEEE I am loving my new job.

I'm still rather behind on YouTube videos, but now that the big part of one of my projects is done, I'll be working on posting some new content very very soon. x

Saturday, November 2, 2019


This post is a little late. Okay, this post is a lot late. A few years ago, I started a 365 photo project where I take a snapshot of hubby and me on all the days that we're together (and I don't forget). Here's how I did in 2018! There were no photos during that week in August when I was at Grail Spring with one of my good friends, or during those 10 days in December when I was at the silent meditation course. I love how these photos come together but it is rather time consuming to create these little calendars. I'll be working on 2019 very soon (hopefully, it won't be as late as this one) but I'm going to revisit how I compile these photos in 2020... which is mere months away!! I better get thinking on my goals. Have a great weekend! :)

Sunday, October 27, 2019

What I Bought This Week #43

Can you believe there are only 10 more What I Bought This Week posts remaining? I must admit, I'm pretty thrilled about this. It's been a fun project and super helpful to control expenses and clutter during my "gap year," but I'm ready to move on and switch things up again. I'm not sure what I'll do next year, but I'll be giving it lots of thought as we head into the last couple months of 2019.

This was a big week in terms of things coming into the condo. My foray into the Atomy products continues with a pretty huge haul. My mom wanted to pick up a few things so I took the opportunity to order a bunch of things I'm running low on like dish soap and laundry detergent. I try not to stock up on products anymore, so I'm starting to get down to the last bits of a lot of things, which I'm super happy about. :) If you've been following my empties, you'll know that I'm fiercely loyal to the Eco-Dent tooth powder, but I'll soon be trying a new-to-me toothpaste! Before I learned about Atomy, I listened to a podcast discussing the benefits of propolis (a substance produced by bees), so it piqued my interest right away when I saw that the Atomy toothpaste includes this ingredient. There are a few more things that have a bit of a backstory, but I'll save the chitchat for an upcoming video. I also have a couple more products coming in from Korea, so perhaps I'll film a collective haul once I receive those.

I'll be heading to the gym before this week's episode of The Walking Dead, so I better cut this short. Have a great week and chat more very soon!

Monday, October 21, 2019

What I Bought This Week #42

It's been a bit of a hectic week but in a busy-sweet-spot kinda way. We were on the move pretty much non-stop yesterday -- we somehow made our way to Costco (and back home again) despite the many road closures for the Toronto marathon, rushed off to Brampton to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday, and took some family photos for our friends at their house. Since we were short on time, I didn't get a chance to take detailed photos of everything from our Costco haul. We stocked up on lots and lots of food for the eat-at-home challenge, which I was SUPER excited about because it started today! I was pondering about whether to layer on a dry month (no alcohol) or perhaps a no-processed-junk-food challenge again, but with all the things I have on my plate at the moment (pun totally intended), I decided to keep things simple. Instead, the theme for the next 30 days will be moderation. I'm going to try to practice restraint -- yes, even with food and drink that I love. No hard and fast rules though. I'll go with my gut. ;)

Monday, October 14, 2019

What I Bought This Week #41

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! This is one of my favourite holidays. It's got a little bit of everything -- relaxation, fun, food, and gratitude. This weekend has been an interesting one for me. While there's been a lot of good, I've also felt quite a number of PMS symptoms. Last night in particular was pretty bad. I had severe cramps (only started getting these again in the past year or two), a headache, a bit of back pain, and just overall moodiness. At times like these, I try to keep anicca top of mind. Lo and behold, when I woke up this morning, I felt much better!

That brings me to my purchases this week. I placed my first order with Atomy as I wanted to try HemoHIM, a supplement that's supposed to help with overall immunity. I felt like I was fighting something off this entire week, so I was very eager to receive this supplement in the mail. My friend had given me a sample to try a couple weeks ago and it seemed to give me SO much energy. For over a week, I was wide awake despite sleeping fewer hours. In light of that experience, I decided to tread lightly and only take one packet on Wednesday when I opened the parcel. I waited to monitor the effects, but I didn't notice much this time around. HemoHIM is also supposed to reduce some PMS symptoms so I decided to take another one today. I'm continuing to experiment with this supplement so the jury's still out. The good news is that I managed not to come down with anything! Immunity: 1. Cooties: 0. In addition to the HemoHIM, I also purchased a few other things. Ever mindful of my no-buy, I only bought things I knew I'd need -- kitchen gloves, sponges, toner, colour changing balm, BB cream, and hand cream. It's been a while since I've tried new products, so I'm happy and excited about these purchases!

In more edible news, the Aroy-D green curry sauce is my new favourite. It makes the tastiest -- albeit watery -- Thai green curry. I like it that way though as it reminds me of soup. My bestie also gave me a bit of monk fruit sweetener and I'm super excited to try it. My transition away from sugar has been slow and steady. One day, one day. Also, the eat-at-home challenge is mere days away! We're heading to Japan at the end of November so I've shifted my challenge dates to Mon Oct 21 to Fri Nov 22. With all my (pizza) indulgence lately, I'm rather excited to eat home-cooked meals for 30+ days.

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