Tuesday, December 31, 2019

What I Bought This Week #52

Ahhhh! It's the last day of 2019 and the very last installment of What I Bought This Week. This year has been quite the journey, and this no-buy contributed rather significantly! I learned so much about myself and my shopping habits, which I chat more about in my final recap video.

To round out this series, here is what I brought home this week — a few gifts and lots of groceries! As I discussed in my video, I still have a tendency to hoard food, but I'm well aware of it and I'll continue to work on it going forward.

Thank you so much for following along with this blog series and I'll see you again very soon. I hope you have a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve celebration. Cheers to 2020! x

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

What I Bought This Week #51

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanakkah! Seasons Greetings!

It's Christmas Eve and I can't believe we're mere days away from the start of the new year. How can we be approaching 2020 already?! In a way, it's fitting that this post is late because I'm planning to post the last installment of What I Bought This Week on New Year's Eve — exactly one week from today. Time is short today so let's just get on with it. I gave in to my snack monster this week and picked up a bunch of junk food to enjoy over the next week or so. It's all good... 'tis the season. Lots of colourful things came into the home in week #51.

I hope you have an amazing day filled with joy, laughter, and love. All the best for a very happy holiday. x

Sunday, December 15, 2019

What I Bought This Week #50

After this post, I only have two more installments of What I Bought This Week! This year went by soooo fast, and while it's been a bit of a blur, I'm sure I've done a bunch of things and had a lot of experiences. I plan to take some time in the next couple of weeks to reflect on where I am — what worked in 2019, what didn't, what I'd like to accomplish in 2020, and how I'd like to continue this sweet journey going forward.

In the meantime, let's get to the task at hand! I'm back to basics in terms of shopping and it sure feels great after 10 days of indulgence. While I don't regret anything I purchased in Japan (I'm loving and already using the majority of it), I am still dealing with the aftermath of having stuff all over the condo. The sooner I find a home for all my new goodies, the better I'll feel. With that being said, I'm going to end this blog post now so I can get to the much anticipated task of going through my closet — I've been thinking about what pieces I can let go since my great thrift haul in Osaka!

Sunday, December 8, 2019

What I Bought This Week #48 & #49

Happy December! We're back from Japan and slowly getting back to routine. It was a bit of an involved process to split our Japan purchases into two separate blog posts so this edition of What I Bought This Week will be a 2-in-1. I grouped our Japan purchases by category — I only have approximate amounts spent, as I haven't reconciled my credit cards yet, plus all the receipts are in Japanese so they're a bit too much effort to navigate. I've posted photos of my own purchases, along with Hubby and my shared purchases. Hubby also purchased a few things, but they're not shown below. Since coming back, we've only picked up a few necessities, namely groceries and Truffle's litter. I also grabbed a Food & Drink mag from the LCBO today for some holiday inspo. By the way, my Japan vlogs have been posted and I'll be doing Vlogmas this year! All vlogs can be found on Authenblissity. :)

Sunday, November 24, 2019

What I Bought This Week #47

Sooooo... I thought this would be a light week in terms of purchases and things I bring into my home... but turns out I was mistaken. Lots and lots came into the condo this week. I received a few goodies from the people in my life. I ordered some stuff that came in this week. We went to Costco—where we spent, ahem, over $100 on cheese. Yes, we went a bit overboard, but it will all get eaten. In other news, we're currently en route to Japan! I'm going to do my best to remember to post next Sunday when we're in Naoshima... but I may forget, so please bear with me if post #48 is a few days late. Have a wonderful week!

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