Saturday, April 16, 2016

Keep or Donate 21 - 89 Long Sleeve Tops (Try-On Declutter)

1 - Chuu/Marvel Studio (YesStyle) black & white striped top - keep
2 - Miss Sumey (YesStyle) white & black striped top - keep
3 - Forever 21 striped top - this is actually a dress but it's too short/tight so i wear it as a top - keep

4 - A.M. Beretta Paris brown & black print silk top - it's not for everyone but there's something about this vintage top that i love - keep
5 - H&M floral top - this is actually a dress but it's too short/tight so i wear it as a top - keep

6 - H&M light pink lace top - keep
7 - DEX burnt orange/tan lace top - keep
8 - DEX black lace top - keep

9 - American Apparel light grey top - keep
10 - American Apparel tan top - keep
11 - American Apparel black top - keep
12 - Kenneth Cole black top with tulip back and sheer panel - keep
13 - Ivanka Trump black top with faux layers - not crazy about the length of the sleeves and wish they were a touch longer - DONATE
14 - ASOS scoop neck black top - I used to wear this all the time but I've never been crazy about the fit as the sleeves are too tight - DONATE
15 - ASOS scoop neck red top - the sleeves are looser on this one but I rarely wear red - DONATE
16 - Sfera dark green/grey top - I cut off the bottom of this because it was too long and tight but I never wear it anymore - DONATE
17 - C'est Moi (Winners) dark green top - keep
18 - Zara taupe v-neck top - I've worn this a bunch but I'm not crazy about how this top sits at the shoulders - DONATE
19 - Zenana Outfitters off-white top - keep
20 - [Brand Unknown] white muslin top - keep
21 - Tahari raspberry top - not crazy about the length of the sleeves and wish they were a touch longer - DONATE
22 - Max Studio navy v-neck top - keep
23 - Terranova bright blue off-the-shoulder top - keep
24 - H&M charcoal turtleneck - keep
25 - Uniqlo grey scoop neck top - keep
26 - Mossimo light grey top - keep

27 - Uniqlo black sweat shirt with pockets - keep
28 - Forever 21 charcoal sweat shirt - keep
29 - ASOS light grey sweat shirt with lace detail - keep
30 - Y&H (YesStyle) light grey & white striped top - it's a little awkward near the hips but it's so comfy and great for travel - keep

31 - Lord & Taylor raspberry v-neck sweater - keep
32 - Lord & Taylor heather blue v-neck sweater - keep
33 - Lord & Taylor charcoal turtleneck sweater - keep
34 - Lord & Taylor black turtleneck sweater - keep
35 - Lord & Taylor camel turtleneck sweater - keep
36 - Uniqlo indigo blue crewneck sweater - keep
37 - Zara black v-neck sweater - keep

38 - Woodward's colour block sweater - keep
39 - RW & Co. grey striped sweater - keep
40 - Cynthia Rowley camel sweater - keep
41 - Club Monaco cream sweater - keep

42 - Ginger G sheer black sweater keep
43 - Forever 21 off white waffle knit sweater - don't love this - DONATE
44 - Forever 21 light grey waffle knit sweater - wore this a ton in the past and it's looking weathered - DONATE
45 - RW & Co. burnt orange sweater - there's something about this that i love every time i put it on - keep
46 - BDG patterned sweater - this is my ugly sweater and i wear it when it's super cold - keep
47 - Sparkle & Fade black cropped sheer sweater - I rarely wear this and it has a few snags in it - DONATE
48 - Helmut by Helmut Lang grey low high sweater - wore this a ton in the past and it's looking weathered - DONATE
49 - Mossimo olive green open knit sweater - this covers the butt but is quite fitted so not a fan anymore - DONATE
50 - Lady Dutch cream open knit sweater - i like wearing this down south as a bathing suit cover up - keep
51 - Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve cream sheer sweater - keep

52 - Calvin Klein Jeans light denim/chambray shirt - keep
53 - Velvet Heart chambray shirt - keep

54 - Age of Wisdom red plaid shirt - keep
55 - Burberry navy plaid shirt - keep

56 - Michel Laurent Paris red top - keep
57 - Yoshimura pale yellow top with bow - not a fan of the sheerness and how puffy the sleeves are near the cuff - DONATE
58 - Max C London - horse print top - keep
59 - Armani Exchange pink pinstripe top - love the look of this shirt but it's too stiff so i rarely wear it - DONATE
60 - Smart Set black top with brass buttons - keep
61 - Uniqlo polka dot top - keep
62 - Uniqlo navy blue top - keep

63 - Jack print cardigan - wore this a bunch in the past but i haven't been reaching for it lately - DONATE
64 - Silence + Noise grey cardigan - this style emphasizes my hips (and not in a good way) - DONATE
65 - Uniqlo cardigan - keep
66 - Lara Knit black & white cardigan - used to love this but never reach for it anymore - DONATE
67 - French Connection sweater coat - keep

68 - H&M light pink cardigan - keep
69 - H&M taupe cardigan - keep
70 - Yessica dark grey cardigan - keep
71 - H&M light grey cardigan - keep
72 - Merona beige cardigan - this style emphasizes my hips (and not in a good way) - DONATE
73 - JKLA California flowy sand cardigan - never reach for this - DONATE
74 - Uniqlo lilac blazer-style cardigan - keep
75 - H&M long grey cardigan - keep
76 - H&M black cardigan - keep
77 - Uniqlo merino wool black cardigan - keep
78 - Uniqlo merino wool dark navy cardigan - keep
79 - Le Ch√Ęteau black sleeves - brought this on vacation a ton in the past but i don't reach for it anymore - DONATE
80 - JKLA California flowy black cardigan - never reach for this - DONATE
81 - [Brand unknown] slinky black cover-up - keep
82 - Uniqlo black blazer-style cardigan - keep
83 - H&M long black cardigan - keep

84 - Lululemon black yoga jacket - keep
85 - MEC black layering top - keep
86 - RBX grey top - keep
87 - RBX grey hoodie - keep
88 - MEC black rash guard - keep

89 - in the intro, I'm wearing a Banana Republic oatmeal cardigan (forgot to film a try-on clip of this) - keep

TOTAL PIECES = 89 including the cardigan I'm wearing in the speaking portion
KEEP = 69

I'm wearing:
Pants - American Apparel Easy Jeans
Eyes - Laura Mercier Artist Palette for Eyes
Lips - Burberry Lip Cover in Golden Peach

Not sponsored.

Friday, March 25, 2016


Parcae is a dark, secretive restaurant, hidden in the nondescript Templar Hotel. And the food is fantastic.

I started the evening off with - what else - a gin cocktail. Miss Geraldine is a strong one, just the way I like. There is a strong anise flavour due to the Pernod so keep that in mind in case that is not your taste. The soft, pillowy pink lemon foam resting on top was more sweet than sour. I enjoyed this drink.

The menu at Parcae is intended for sharing. We ordered 4 dishes and they were all delicious. The first plate consisted of 5 thin slices of horse carpaccio. There aren't many restaurants in Toronto that serve horse but it is big in France. I usually order it every chance I get.

The duck raviolo was one of my favourite dishes. Yes, it is only one raviolo but it's a big one and we enjoyed every bite. The flavours were fantastic and the pasta perfectly al dente. The best raviolo I've ever eaten.

My other favourite course was the buttermilk fried rooster. The smallest rooster I've ever seen but it's definitely not for the squeamish. If you don't like your meat to look like an animal, this isn't for you. If you can get past the presentation (which we did not mind), the flavour and texture are incredible. Crispy skin, moist meat, a spicy-sweet BBQ sauce, and the best waffle I've ever eaten at a restaurant. Most of the waffles I've had are too dry or too hard. This one was perfect.

Finally, the risotto. It's black due to the squid ink. I don't recommend you order this on a first date because the squid ink will get in your teeth and on your lips. The flavour is incredible but it is a little salty so avoid if you are sensitive to sodium. Our server told us that Parcae is the only restaurant as far as they know that use sturgeon bone marrow.

Dessert was very decadent and equally fantastic. Pouding chomeur is one of my all-time favourite desserts. The portion at Parcae is a little small but it is very rich. Next time, we're ordering two. The salt adds a really nice touch.

The cinnamon roll was nice, albeit a little dry. I love maple anything but overall prefer the pouding chomeur.

We had a fantastic meal at Parcae. There are a few other dishes on the menu I'd like to try so we will definitely be making a return visit!

P.S. Please excuse the terrible photos. They are all screen shots from my vlog footage.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Travel Tuesday . Dijon & Beaune . September 2013

1. Dijon scene (M)
2. Dijon scene (M)
3. Dijon scene (F)
4. We three in Dijon (F)
5. Winding stairs x 2 (F)
6. Dijon market (M)
7. Dijon market (H)
8. Dijon market (H)
9. Dijon market (H)
10. Dogs in the market x 2 (H)
11. Market yummies x 2 (H)
12. Mushrooms (M)
13. Fish (M)
14. Duck in a jar (M) & duck in a can (M)
15. Plaisirs de France (F)
16. Outdoor market in Dijon (M)
17. Les fleurs (M)
18. Dijon street scene (M)
19. Spiky guy and a reflection (H)
20. Rooftop (H)
21. Hubs on a bear in the park x 2 (F)
22. Reflection (F)
23. Lucky owl in Dijon x 2 (F)
24. Liqueur tasting (F)
25. Pinocchio in Dijon (H) & hot air balloon in Beaune (M)
26. Scene in Beaune (H)
27. Moutarderie Fallot (M)
28. Narrow street in Beaune (F) & waiting for our tour of the mustard factory (F)
29. While waiting (H)
30. Making mustard x 2 (H)
31. Mustard jars? (F)
32. Beaune doorways (M)
33. Beaune x 2 (F)
34. En route back to Lyon x 2 (M)
35. Lyon at dusk (H)
36. Lyon at night (H)

Note: the letter in parentheses = source of the image (M = my camera, H = hubby's camera, F = friend's camera).

Saturday, February 6, 2016

DIY . How to Dye Leather Boots

In this video, I show how I dyed my leather cowboy boots. This is the second time I've done a DIY leather dye job and the process was quite straightforward. I am loving my "new" boots!

Here is what you need:
- A large workspace - a tiled floor works well
- Bedsheets, garbage bags, paper, or puppy pee pads to cover the workspace
- One Tarrago Color Dye Self-Shine Kit (contains instructions, 25ml preparer, 25ml dye, small sponge, and small brush)
- One Fiebing's Leather Dye Kit (contains 118ml dye and cotton dauber) - this is a penetrating dye but it doesn't say that anywhere on the packaging
- Waterproof gloves
- Mildly abrasive scrubber sponge
- Small foam brush
- Old washcloth

Step 1 - Prep the leather by using the "Preparer" included in the Tarrago kit. Work the product into the leather by buffing it in with a mildly abrasive sponge.

Step 2 - Apply a thin coat of the Fiebing's Penetrating Leather Dye right after preparing the leather (do not wait for the leather to dry). Use a small foam brush to apply the dye to large areas and the dauber to apply the dye to nooks & crannies. When the bag is somewhat dry to the touch, apply a second coat. Let dry for 24 hours.

Step 3 - Apply a thin layer of the Self-Shine Dye included in the Tarrago kit. Work the product into the leather with a sponge in a circular motion. Use a small foam brush to apply the dye to large areas and the small brush included in the Tarrago kit for the nooks & crannies. Wait a few hours and apply a second coat. Touch up the bag with the small brush as needed.

My DIY on How to Dye a Leather Bag links:
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If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer!

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